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Abbey Anderson’s Story

Thanks for sharing your story with us Abbey! After asking her what Sunday’s baptism meant to her here was Abbey’s response:

“Many would say there were a lot of “coincidences” regarding my baptism yesterday, but I wouldn’t call it that. I know that it was just God putting together the perfect day for me to share HIS story that HE gave ME to share. First, the day and time God chose for my baptism have a significant meaning to me and my story because Natalie’s favorite number was 11, her basketball number was 11, she died on the 11th and I was given the date of the 11th to be baptized at the 11 o’clock service. My day was also made extra special due to Natalie’s family attending my baptism, especially her brother Nathan, who attended church yesterday for the first time since Natalie died, just to watch my baptism, and he was deeply impacted by Andy’s message. He said that he was blown away that it was Andy Stanley’s church because he was the guy that he would always watch after Saturday Night Live. I also know that God chose that specific message for a reason because it went perfectly with my story and understanding God’s role when bad things happen. Nathan said that the message really helped him with his faith and losing Natalie because he was able to understand the difference between having a lack of faith vs being angry, and this really helped him when dealing with his faith and losing Natalie. I feel like linking my story with Andy’s message also could have had the same impact on others who may have experienced this same type of loss and finding God through it all. Also, I know that Clay Scroggins mentioned the Korowitz family after my baptism. Natalie’s mom, Janet, said that when Clay did that it made her feel like Natalie mattered and that her story mattered, and so to know that they were given this sense of peace from God makes sharing my story so incredible. Another thing God did was that he chose Steve Fee to do worship. I served at Lighthouse with Steve and just absolutely love him and his music and he was able to make my baptism extra special by doing the worship that morning. The last thing I am going to mention that helped make my baptism experience amazing were the 40 incredible people that showed up to support me when sharing my story. To see friends who traveled from Alabama, Chicago and different parts of Georgia and to see the Costa Rica students and leaders, the Korowitz/Baine family, my parents and family and my mom’s small group all together in one group cheering me on was incredible because each and every one of them had such a huge role in my faith and making the decision to be baptized. God could not have made it a more perfect day for my baptism.”

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