Boot Camp Story

We love hearing stories. Sometimes we receive a story that we can’t help but share. . .

“Please thank the staff for the wonderful job they did with Boot Camp! My grandson loved it. He has the best small group leaders and group and I am so thankful NPCC has this environment for him and others. This coming year will be especially tough for him. He has moved to a new school, is a 6th grader and his dad will be deploying to Iraq after Christmas (his 4th deployment). His dad is not a believer and his parents are divorced. His dad suffers from PTSD and my grandson is ADD. Fortunately, my grandson has been at NPCC since Waumba Land and knows Jesus. However, as you may well know this time in his life is pivotal and having strong Christian male influences is so important and thanks to NPCC he has that! I am so grateful and even more so since he loves, loves, loves his small group and Transit. So, again thank you and NPCC for creating environments where children and young adults and adults can grow in a relationship with others and Jesus Christ.”


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